Biological properties of disturbed and undisturbed Cerrado sensu stricto from Northeast Brazil

A. S. F. Araújo, L. B. Magalhaes, V. M. Santos, L. A. P. L. Nunes, C. T. S. Dias
2016 Brazilian Journal of Biology  
The aim of this study was to measure soil microbial biomass and soil surface fauna in undisturbed and disturbed Cerrado sensu stricto (Css) from Sete Cidades National Park, Northeast Brazil. The following sites were sampled under Cerrado sensu stricto (Css) at the park: undisturbed and disturbed Css (slash-and-burn agricultural practices). Total organic and microbial biomass C were higher in undisturbed than in disturbed sites in both seasons. However, microbial biomass C was higher in the wet
more » ... han in the dry season. Soil respiration did not vary among sites but was higher in the wet than in the dry season. The densities of Araneae, Coleoptera, and Orthoptera were higher in the undisturbed site, whereas the densities of Formicidae were higher in the disturbed site. Non-metric multidimensional scaling analysis separated undisturbed from disturbed sites according to soil biological properties. Disturbance by agricultural practices, such as slash-and-burn, probably resulted in the deterioration of the biological properties of soil under native Cerrado sensu stricto in the Sete Cidades National Park.
doi:10.1590/1519-6984.06715 pmid:27382993 fatcat:zt4tnsn4jjffxjfhv7pax2bshq