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2017 unpublished
Alterations in biochemical parameters of Cyprinus carpio (Linn. 1758) Induced by chronic exposure to organophosphorus pesticide, monocrotophos Sharmila G and AV Kavitha Abstract The impact of chronic toxicity of Monocrotophos on the biochemical parameters of freshwater fish, Cyprinus carpio has been studied here. Though plenty of research is available for the short term impact of pesticides on the fishes but the studies on the alterations in biochemical parameters due to chronic intoxication
more » ... nic intoxication has not been carried much. Hence the present study deals with the alterations in biochemical constituents in selected tissues of fishes due to long term exposure to the commonly used agricultural pesticide, monocrotophos. The common edible fish Cyprinus carpio were procured and their sublethal, median lethal and lethal concentrations for 120 hrs were assessed as 100 ppm, 155.36 ppm and 250 ppm respectively. For chronic toxicity, 1/10th of LC50 for 120 hrs was used as sublethal concentration (15.536 ppm) to which the fishes were exposed for 30 days. The impact of toxicity on the biochemical parameters in muscle, liver and kidney of fishes were assessed at the end of 30 days of exposure to the toxicant and later during the 30 days recovery period. The one ways Anova results showed that treated fishes exposed to the pesticide showed significant differences in the biochemical parameters of both control and treated fishes (F (2) = 104.39, p<0.01). In the Wilcoxon Signed ranks test the T = 86.00 and the two tailed significance p is 0.039. Based on the results of the sign test using SPSS, the biochemical changes induced by the pesticide during exposure period was significantly different than during the recovery period among the different samples (p = 0.004 < 0.05)