Seedcorn Maggot Control in Navy Bean, 1987

David Noetzel, Michele Ricard, Mel Wiens
1988 Arthropod Management Tests  
The trial was located at the Irrigation Station, Staples, Minn. Soils are sandy loam and were irrigated both prior to and after planting. Plots were 2 row × 31 ft in length, treatments replicated 4 times and arranged by pairs in a randomized complete block design. The field was first marked with a 4-row planter and a combination of blood meal, bone meal, and meat scraps (1:1:1) distributed in the planter tracks. Three hundred lb of this mixture was used on reps 1 through 3 and the field then
more » ... igated. Four days later the seed, which already had been treated with captan and bacterial inoculant, was treated with insecticide when appropriate, using water as a sticker. The seed was allowed to dry for 1 h and was then seeded using a John Deere Maximerge 4-row planter. Granular insecticides were applied in a 6-inch band by hand following seeding but on the same day and lightly incorporated. The field was again irrigated to provide uniform plant emergence. Stand and damage counts were taken on 20 ft of row. Damage was converted to a percentage, transformed using ARCSINE and then compared. Both rows were harvested for yield. The threshed seed was cleaned, dried, and weighed and a moisture was taken. Final yields reported were adjusted to a standard moisture.
doi:10.1093/iat/13.1.88 fatcat:4kbogrp6ijcnpmcd7z2qaivv3u