Investigation of Water Leakage in Seosan A-Region Sea Wall using Integrated Analysis of Remote Sensing, Electrical Resistivity Survey, Electromagnetic Survey, and Borehole Survey
원격탐사, 전기탐사, 전자기탐사 및 시추공영상의 융합적 분석을 통한 서산지역 방조제 누수구역 판별

Seong-In Hong, Dongik Lee, Gwanghyun Baek, Youngcheol Yoo, Kookmook Lim, Jaehyung Yu
2013 Economic and Environmental Geology  
This study introduces integrated approach on detection of a leakage in a sea wall based on remote sensing, electric resistivity survey, electromagnetic survey, and borehole survey for the Seosan A-Region sea wall. The satellite temperature distribution from Landsat ETM+ data identifies water leakage distribution and period by analyzing temperature mixing patterns between sea water and fresh water. Electric resistivity survey provides both horizontal and vertical anomaly distributions over the
more » ... ibutions over the sea wall showing below average electric resistivity. Electromagnetic survey(electrical conductivity survey) reveals the potential possible leakage areas with minimal background impact by comparing electrical conductivity values between high and low tides. Borehole image processing system confirmed the locations of anomalies identified from the other survey methods and distributions of vertical fracture zones. The integrated approach identified 41.7% of the sea wall being the most probable area vulnerable to water leakage and effectively approximated both horizontal and vertical distribution of water leakage. The integrated analysis of remote sensing, electric resistivity survey, electromagnetic survey and borehole survey is considered to be an optimal method in identifying water leakage distribution, period, and extent of fractures knowledged from the boreholes.
doi:10.9719/eeg.2013.46.2.105 fatcat:qunv2dk4qnb5dnvngr2t32p7b4