Understanding Basement Processes in Sub-Volcanic settings by Laboratory Measurements [thesis]

Richardus R. Bakker, Jean‑Pierre Burg, Philip M. Benson, Marie E.S. Violay, Ernest Rutter
3.3.2 Microstructure 3.3.4 Comiso limestone -varying temperature and strain rate 3.3.5 Microstructure 3.4 Discussion 3.4.1 Brittle domain -Friction of Etna Basalt 3.4.2 Comparison to literature 3.4.3 Ductile domain -Flow Power law creep Exponential creep 3.4.4 Comparison with literature Seismicity Temperature effects Strain rate effects 3.4.8 Comparison to existing models 3.5 Conclusion 4 PROPAGATION AND SEISMICITY OF DYKE INJECTION, A LABORATORY
more » ... VE. 4.1 Introduction 4.2 Methods 4.3 Results 4.4 Discussion 4.5 Conclusions 5 HOW TEMPERATURE-DEPENDENT ELASTICITY ALTERS MODELS OF VOLCANO UNLOADING
doi:10.3929/ethz-a-010612798 fatcat:mu7h3n4cazc6tjjia6d5s2diha