Overview of the Software Architecture and Data Flow for the J-PET Tomography Device

W. Krzemień, D. Alfs, P. Białas, E. Czerwiński, A. Gajos, B. Głowacz, B. Jasińska, D. Kamińska, G. Korcyl, P. Kowalski, T. Kozik, E. Kubicz (+10 others)
2016 Acta Physica Polonica B  
Modern TOF-PET scanner systems require high-speed computing resources for efficient data processing, monitoring and image reconstruction. In this article we present the data flow and software architecture for the novel TOF-PET scanner developed by the J-PET collaboration. We discuss the data acquisition system, reconstruction framework and image reconstruction software. Also, the concept of computing outside hospitals in the remote centers such as \'Swierk Computing Centre in Poland is presented.
doi:10.5506/aphyspolb.47.561 fatcat:ytomkmgpnfdmpnmo54tqzsb3bq