Free-energy landscapes in magnetic systems from metadynamics

Jaroslav Tóbik, Roman Martoňák, Vladimír Cambel
2017 Physical review B  
Knowledge of free energy barriers separating different states is critically important for assessment of long-term stability of information stored in magnetic devices. This information, however, is not directly accessible by standard simulations of microscopic models because of the ubiquitous time-scale problem, related to the fact that the transitions among different free energy minima have character of rare events. Here we show that by employing the metadynamics algorithm based on suitably
more » ... en collective variables, namely helicity and circulation, it is possible to reliably recover the free energy landscape. We demonstrate the effectiveness of the new approach on the example of vortex nucleation process in magnetic nanodot with lowered spatial symmetry. With the help of reconstructed free energy surfaces (FES) we show the origin of the symmetry broken vortex nucleation, where one polarity of the nucleated vortex core is preferred, even though only in-plane magnetic field is present.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.96.140413 fatcat:3ou4m65muvbqtnjz4jfh2dhoce