Isolation of a highly cytopathic lentivirus from a nondomestic cat

M C Barr, L Zou, D L Holzschu, L Phillips, F W Scott, J W Casey, R J Avery
1995 Journal of Virology  
A feline immunodeficiency virus-like virus (FIV-Oma) isolated from a Pallas' cat (Otocolobus manul) is highly cytopathic in CrFK cells, in contrast to the chronic, noncytolytic infection established by an FIV isolate from a domestic cat (FIV-Fca ). The virions have typical lentivirus morphology, density, and magnesium-dependent reverse transcriptase activity. The major core protein is antigenically cross-reactive with that of FIV-Fca; however, FIV-Oma transcripts do not cross-hybridize with
more » ... -hybridize with FIV-Fca. A conserved region of the FIV-Oma pol gene has 76 to 80% nucleic acid identity with the corresponding pol regions of other feline lentiviruses and 64 to 69% identity with those of human, ovine, and equine lentiviruses.
doi:10.1128/jvi.69.11.7371-7374.1995 fatcat:4wzazdcuojfbfpehmzawsiwex4