Analyzing Vegetation Change Processes at Watershed Level: A Multi-Temporal Study of the Wular Catchment

Zahoor Ul, Hassan, Imran Malik, T Kanth
The continuous monitoring of the Land use land cover change on the Earth's surface provides a better understanding of the interactions between human and natural phenomena. The present study attempts to analyze the vegetation dynamics in Wular Catchment using NDVI of Land sat images of different dates. The study area is spread over 1200.36 km 2 and is situated between 34 o 12′24″ and 34 o 36′26″ N latitude and 74 o 26′41″ and 74 o 56′02.90″E longitude. The NDVI is the most widely used index in
more » ... e processing of satellite data. The NDVI values range from-1 (Vegetation Absent) to +1 (Vegetation Present). The results reveal that most of the watersheds have registered a moderate increase under the very high biomass category. However, Wular Lake has witnessed tremendous increase in biomass (+7.46 km 2) mainly due to the drastic increase in the growth of hydrophytic vegetation and willow plantation. Therefore the study proposes to contain the increasing encroachment and consequent deterioration of water quality in the Wular Lake.