Plasmonic modulator for three-dimensional chip-to-chip optical interconnects

Fanghui Ren, Xiangyu Wang, Alan X. Wang, Henning Schröder, Ray T. Chen, Alexei L. Glebov
2014 Optical Interconnects XIV  
We present a surface-normal plasmonic modulator structure for three-dimensional (3-D) optical interconnects using subwavelength metallic photonic crystals. Optical transmission of the metallic slab was controlled by modulating the plasmonic bandgap of the metallic photonic crystal slab with a moderate index perturbation induced by thermo-optic effects. Our experimental results show that more than 60% modulation depth is achieved with only an index modulation of 0.0043.
doi:10.1117/12.2042431 fatcat:2y25p4pupjcfdk5cs26nv4cxry