Portable Health Monitoring and Medicine Reminder for Old Age People

Sameer Batra, Sunny Batra
2015 International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)   unpublished
In this busy and competition world we cannot monitoring our elders (aged people) and patients continuously even though we have so much of love on them .By using advancements in present technologies we are developing this project to save time and user friendly system .The user has to press the respective button to get his service, and then the predefined message will be played through speaker. In general, most of the patients forget to take the appropriate medical course at appropriate times.
more » ... propriate times. There may be chances that they remember to take the pills at regular times but forget the pill which has to be taken at that particular time. This is a big problem and it is also difficult to doctors to monitor patients always. And also, mostly in the hospitals, it is not an easy and available service to employ a nurse to a single patient exclusively. To avoid these problems, we have implemented this project which can remind the patient about the intake of medicines at regular time intervals and also sends the information to the doctor about the patient if the temperature or the heartbeat exceeds the normal set point. This project is designed mainly for patients and old aged people