Avaliação de DNA polimerases em ensaios de amplificação de microssatélites através do PowerPlex®16 BIO System

Antônio José Rocha, Rafael Miranda, Rodrigo Maranguape
2014 BBR - Biochemistry and Biotechnology Reports  
This study aimed to compare several DNA polymerases in order to optimize costs of microsatellite amplification reaction through the PowerPlex®16 BIO System. Three different polymerase brands have been used: (i) Paq5000 DNA Polymerase (Stratagene) and (ii) Platinum® Taq DNA Polymerase (Invitrogen), which have low commercial price; and (iii) Advantage 2 Polymerase Mix (Clontech), a DNA polymerase with high commercial price. Herein, neither samples nor positive control amplified in the reactions
more » ... in the reactions carried out with Paq5000 DNA Polymerase. Furthermore, the reactions performed with Platinum® Taq DNA Polymerase showed contrasting results, amplifying alleles only in some samples. On the other hand, the two microsatellite loci used (amelogenin e D18S51) were amplified in the analyses carried out with the Advantage 2 Polymerase Mix. Our findings indicated that the enzymes Paq5000 DNA Polymerase and Platinum® Taq DNA Polymerase have low processing capacity, showing inefficiency in the microsatellite detection; and that Advantage 2 Polymerase Mix is highly effective and suitable for microsatellite amplification assays.
doi:10.5433/2316-5200.2014v3n2p1 fatcat:ggdimqncvrbqninchnjyejuwtu