Recent Literature Gout: its Pathology and Treatment . Founded on the Gulstonian Lectures on "The Chemistry and Pathology of Gout," delivered by the Author before the Royal College of Physicians of London in 1897; with the Addition of some Recent Investigations concerning the Treatment of Gout, anda Detailed Account of the Treatment of the Various Forms of Gout. By Arthur P. Luff, M.D. (Lond.), F.R.C.P., etc. New York: William Wood & Co. 1899

1899 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
This is a book clearly written fora definite purpose, which is apparent from its lirst to its last, page. The author is very much in earnest, of that there can be no question, and it, is here that a possible criticism of the hook lies. It lacks in a measure the judicial spirit, so absolutely essential in a discussion of this character. On the one hand, it merges occasionally intosentiinentalisin, and on the oilier, into an attitude toward sexual matters more extreme than the facts of the case,
more » ... facts of the case, seem to justify. Apart from this minor criticism the book is well worth reading by those scientifically inthe community at huge, however, where, like many (crested in the subject; we would not commend it to books of its class, it would, we fear, tend to increase rather than diminish the morbid sexual instinct which it is designed to combat. Sonic, of the subjects discussed arc: The Physiology of the Sexual Life; Woman and the I'mnuiiliucss of Degrading Her; Prostitution and the Influences that Lead a Woman into such a Life; the Regulation of Prostitution; Criminal Abortion; Gonorrhea; Syphilis. The hook in general is a narration of the details of the seamy side of life; we sincerely hope il may do good, bul our confidence in the success of its mission, we confess, is not great. It is bound and printed in an unnecessarily cheap manner for this time of good bookmaking. The contents of this little volume of two hundred and fifty pages arc somewhat fully stated upon the title-page. The author divides his work into fouiparts, l'art I is on the chemistry and pathology of gout; Part II deals with the causation of gout, its various forms and its diagnosis and prognosis; Part III comprises a series of investigations undertaken with the object of ascertaining the various conditions affecting Ihe formation and removal of gouty deposits, the influence of alcoholic drinks on the gouty process, the solvent efi'ect of the mineral constituents of various vegetables on gouty deposits, and the value of certain drugs ilk, effecting the removal of such deposits ; Part IV is devoted to the question of the treatment of gout and of gouty conditions, especially in the light of re-cent investigations. The important question of diet has not been overlooked by the author, and a classification of various mineral waters is given according to their therapeutic value in the treatment of the various forms of gout. England is a pre-eminent field for the study of acquired and inherited gout in all its protean forms, and from English practitioners have proceeded most of the standard books on the subject. The present volume will be found handy and useful. We miss from the list, of baths and mineral waters a few of the less generally known in the winter-resort, zone, which might advantageously have been included. of clinical Medicine in the University of Pennsylvania, etc. Third edition, revised and enlarged. Illustrated with 253 wood cuts and 48 colored plates. Philadelphia and New York: Lea Brothers & Co. 1899. The lirsl edition of Dr. .Musser's " Treatise on Medical Diagnosis" was published in 1894, the second in L896. The appreciation of the good features of the book, which are many, and the rapid changes in the Collateral branches and in the sciences allied In medicine, have now called forth a third edition. The present volume is an octavo of almost eleven hundred pages, with index, and has been largely rewritten and rearranged. Dr. Joseph Sailer has rewritten the chapter on Nervous Diseases; Dr. Posey the section on Diseases of the Eye ; Dr. Kirkbride wrote the pages on to this comes the skin with 1,418. The most startling particulars in the table were 758 cases of cerebral syphilis and 628 cases of tabes. This coincident occurrence of syphilis and tabes is a most interesting fact.
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