Antisocial Personality Disorder and its Correlate in the Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test

Hubertus Himmerich, Matthias Müller, Ion Anghelescu, Christoph Klawe, Armin Scheurich, Armin Szegedi, H Himmerich
2004 German Journal of Psychiatry ·   unpublished
.... Antisocial personality disorder (ASPD) often co-occurs with alcohol dependence. We assessed traits of personality disorders and severity of alcohol dependence in a sample of 191 patients with alcohol dependence or abuse (DSM-IV) using the Structured Clinical Interview for DSM (SCID-II) and the Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test (MAST). In a previously reported principle component analysis of a German version of the MAST we found an interpretable five factor solution with simple structure.
more » ... simple structure. Factor II resembled antisocial behavior. In the present study, we found an association between the extent of severity of alcoholism as measured by the MAST and the number of fulfilled criteria for ASPD (p = 0.008). The score of MAST factor II correlated positively and significantly with the total number of fulfilled criteria for ASPD (p < 0.001). Therefore, factor II seems to be associated with traits of ASPD. But this association does not seem to be specific, because the MAST factor II score also correlated significantly with the scores of paranoid (p < 0.001) and borderline (p = 0.001) PD (German J Psychiatry 2004, 7 (2):14-19).