2011 Egyptian Journal of Animal Production  
The aims of this study were to investigate the anatomy and ovarian activity of camel reproductive tract in addition to determination of glucose and urea concentrations in both serum and follicular fluid. Female reproductive tract (n=20) and blood samples were collected from the slaughtered she camels. Based on the ovarian structures, the reproductive tracts of she camels were classified into nonadult (no corpora lutea or albicantia on the ovaries), adult non-pregnant (corpora albicantia and/or
more » ... albicantia and/or corpora lutea < 4 g on the ovaries) and pregnant (corpora albicantia and corpora lutea > 4 g on the ovaries). Blood samples were collected during slaughter process from each animal. Weights of ovaries and corpora lutea were recorded as well as numbers of follicles, corpora lutea and albicantia. The follicles were classified according to their diameter to small (<0.3 cm) medium (0.3-0.8 cm) and large (> 0.8 cm). Medium and large follicles were aspirated to collect follicular fluids and oocytes. Quality of oocytes was evaluated after classification into cumulus enclosed; partially cumulus enclosed and denuded oocytes. Weight and measurements of reproductive tracts were determined. The results indicated that ovaries of slaughtered she camels enclosed in an ovarian bursa, had flattened shape, and follicles giving the ovaries the appearance of a bunch of grapes. Weights of ovaries were less (P<0.05) in non-adult animals compared to adult non-pregnant and pregnant ones. Corpora lutea and/or albicantia were found on the right and left ovaries of the adult non-pregnant and/or pregnant animals. She camel has a bicornuate uterus, where the left horn was longer (P<0.05) than the corresponding right one in non-adult, adult non-pregnant and pregnant animals. The length of cervix was 1.9±0.1, 3.2± 0.4 & 3.7±0.5 cm with 3 to 4 rows of outgrowth ridges in non-adult, adult non-pregnant and pregnant animals, respectively. The length of vagina was 4.2 ± 0.76, 21.0 ± 5.3 &26.6 ± 2.7 cm in nonadult, adult non-pregnant and pregnant animals, respectively.. Majority of colleted oocytes were cumulus enclosed (66.7%) whereas the remaining ones were partially cumulus enclosed (25.0%) and denuded (8.3%). Urea concentration in serum (29.3 ± 6.1) was reflected in the follicular fluid (31.3 ±13.4).
doi:10.21608/ejap.2011.101094 fatcat:dhydvnzdgze7lnjudoxflfxpxa