Development of mass spectrometric methods for the quantitation of drugs of abuse and therapeutic drugs (DAT/TDM) in clinical samples [article]

Caroline Bylda, Universität Des Saarlandes, Universität Des Saarlandes
Acknowledgements v Acknowledgements At this point I would like to thank Prof. Dietrich Volmer for the supervision of this work, his helpful advice and suggestions and especially his assistance in publishing the results of this research. My deep gratitude goes to my advisors at Roche Diagnostics: Dr. Uwe Kobold, for giving me the opportunity of conducting this research in his department and for his guidance in solving challenging research problems and to Dr. Roland Thiele, for his contagious
more » ... his contagious enthusiasm and his support and encouragement in any kind of matters related (or not) to this research. A special thanks goes to Dr. Jens Bolle, for his input on various aspects of this thesis and for providing and synthesizing custom-made magnetic beads. I would also like to acknowledge Vanya Velichkova, who committed deeply to the sample preparation project with magnetic beads and became our expert for design of experiments during her master's research. This research benefitted tremendously from the help and enthusiasm of Birgit Arndt, who assisted me very cheerfully in the preliminary screening of magnetic beads.
doi:10.22028/d291-23073 fatcat:uvuaf34lzzbvjkolufhqb4ejdy