Evaluation of Toledo Edison Company's 316(a) and 316(b) demonstrations for the Bay Shore Station. [Analysis of impacts of thermal discharge on Maumee Bay and analysis of impact of entrainment and impingement on fish communities] [report]

C.E. Cushing, Y. Onishi, M.A. Simmons
1981 unpublished
Toledo Edison Company's Bay Shore steam electric generation station in Oregon, Ohio, discharges effluents into nearby Maumee Bay. Demonstration report 316(a) by WAPORA (1977) analyzed the impacts of thermal discharge on Maumee Bay, and demonstration report 316(b) by Reutter et al. (1978) analyzed the impact of entrainment and impingement on fish communities. Pacific Northwest Laboratory assessed these two reports. We generally agree with WAPORA (1977) on the impact of thermal effluents on the
more » ... umee Bay ecosystems. Our computations indicated temperature increases which would result in larger areas of isotherms, but these increases were insignificant in terms of the percent of the area of Maumee Bay affected. We basically agree with Reutter et al. (1978) conclusions concerning impingement and entrainment losse~ at Bay Shore station. Our calculations indicate that the impingement data presented in Reutter et al. (1978) are accurate estimates based on their sampling program. Their 95% confidence limits for less frequently caught species of fish, however, are too conservative. iii CONTENTS SUMMARY iii v
doi:10.2172/6564425 fatcat:jbw5kzwwfrew7jz5wlxci63djy