A taxonomic framework for typhlopid snakes from the Caribbean and other regions (Reptilia, Squamata)

S. Blair Hedges, Angela B. Marion, Kelly M. Lipp, Julie Marin, Nicolas Vidal, Robert W. Henderson
2014 Caribbean Herpetology  
Article registration: http://zoobank.org/urn:lsid:zoobank.Citation: Hedges SB, Marion AB, Lipp KM, Marin J, Vidal N. 2014. A taxonomic framework for typhlopid snakes from the Caribbean and other regions (Reptilia, Squamata). Caribbean Herpetology 49:1-61. Abstract The evolutionary history and taxonomy of worm-like snakes (scolecophidians) continues to be refined as new molecular data are gathered and analyzed. Here we present additional evidence on the phylogeny of these snakes, from
more » ... es, from morphological data and 489 new DNA sequences, and propose a new taxonomic framework for the family Typhlopidae. Of 257 named species of typhlopid snakes, 92 are now placed in molecular phylogenies along with 60 additional species yet to be described. Afrotyphlopinae subfam. nov. is distributed almost exclusively in sub-Saharan Africa and contains three genera: Afrotyphlops, Letheobia, and Rhinotyphlops. Asiatyphlopinae subfam. nov. is distributed in Asia, Australasia, and islands of the western and southern Pacific, and includes ten genera: Acutotyphlops, Anilios, Asiatyphlops gen. nov., Cyclotyphlops, Grypotyphlops, Indotyphlops gen. nov., Malayotyphlops gen. nov., Ramphotyphlops, Sundatyphlops gen. nov., and Xerotyphlops gen. nov. Madatyphlopinae subfam. nov. occurs only in Madagascar and includes one genus: Madatyphlops gen. nov. Typhlopinae occurs in the New World and includes four genera: Amerotyphlops gen. nov., Antillotyphlops gen. nov., Cubatyphlops gen. nov., and Typhlops. Scolecophidians are the most ancient (deeply-branching) group of living snakes and their relationships track plate tectonics better than any other vertebrate group. Molecular data reveal large numbers of undescribed species, inferring that the true species diversity of these snakes is greatly underestimated.
doi:10.31611/ch.49 fatcat:vnkb7jaxtrarxkalupj3g2dosq