Novel Methods for Forensic Multimedia Data Analysis: Part II [chapter]

Petra Perner
2020 Digital Forensic Science [Working Title]  
We are proposing a new concept for new multimedia data processing techniques for varied multimedia sources. We address our work toward speech, video and images, handwriting and text documents. The methods and techniques will form a toolkit that can be used for different cases in a court of law in order to extract information from different multimedia sources. In addition to the data mentioned above, social media (e.g., Facebook and Twitter) provide multimedia data in new formats. Such data
more » ... the investigator to identify and compare objects, events or persons based on data properties, including biometric features or more symbolic features that point to coincidences and anomalies. We continue our work of novel methods for forensic multimedia data analysis Part I by a description of related work and a proposal of the methods and techniques we are developing beyond the state of the art for handwriting, multimedia feature extraction, novelty detection, legal aspects and cloud computing. Then, we describe the tasks that should be solved by the system and the different multimedia data. We describe expected results of our proposed toolkit. Finally, we summarize the objective of our work.
doi:10.5772/intechopen.92548 fatcat:oo2pjx6la5eqzm3rcph6bog6ie