Electromagnetic Response Characteristics Research on Mine Different Geological Body

Yi Mu, Hao Qiu, Hui Xu, Jianghua Li
2019 IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environment  
A large number of experimental research of the mine transient electromagnetic method was used to collect typical geological anomaly experience card cases in Jin Cheng mine, such as structure, mined-out area etc. In order to achieve fine detection to geologic abnormal body ,some card cases were analyzed by the electromagnetic response multi-parameter curves to identify electromagnetic response characteristics of different geologic abnormal body; Another card cases were showed all kinds of the
more » ... ualization figures distinguished easily to distribution and characteristics of explain geologic abnormal body, such as structure, the mine mined-out area and contains water etc. The results show that: if there was the overall relatively low potential value, high apparent resistivity value, and the potential and apparent resistivity curves appeared to jump ups and downs, it was the typical electrical identification characteristics of no water bearing structure or goaf; If there was the overall relatively high potential value, low apparent resistivity value, and potential and apparent resistivity curve was smooth attenuation, and the inversion depth was smaller than the normal strata, it was a typical electrical characteristics of water bearing structure or goaf.
doi:10.1088/1755-1315/237/6/062015 fatcat:vicwtz5scfdq7evsmtyamkdnum