Sputtered gold as an effective Schottky gate for strained Si∕SiGe nanostructures

G. D. Scott, M. Xiao, H. W. Jiang, E. T. Croke, E. Yablonovitch
2007 Applied Physics Letters  
Metallization of Schottky surface gates by sputtering Au on strained Si/SiGe heterojunctions enables the depletion of the two dimensional electron gas (2DEG) at a relatively small voltage while maintaining an extremely low level of leakage current. A fabrication process has been developed to enable the formation of sub-micron Au electrodes sputtered onto Si/SiGe without the need of a wetting layer.
doi:10.1063/1.2430935 fatcat:sxp7ydmy55fgzdxit2sl2al3oa