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Paco, Issn
2017 unpublished
(eds.) (2015), Fronteggiare la crisi. Come cambia lo stile di vita del ceto medio [Fa-cing the crisis. How the lifestyle of the middle class changes], Bolo-gna: Il Mulino. The volume represents the last piece of a substantial research project about the middle class promoted by the Italian Council for Social Sciences almost ten years ago. The results have been published in different volumes since 2008: Middle class. Why and how deal with it (edited by A. Bagnasco, 2008); Remaining middle class.
more » ... he passage to adult life in a changing society edited by N. Negri and M. Filandri, 2010); The building of the middle class. Images on the press and in politics (edited by R. Sciarrone et al., 2011); The independent work in the Italian crisis (edited by C. Ranci et al., 2012). In "Facing the crisis" the central theme is consumption, seen as a dynamic system of practices able to play a basic role in the processes of definition of the "middle class". The book provides a rich and in-depth insight and gives important data about consumption and lifestyles of the middle class. And meanwhile it suggests a reflection, as said, completing the analysis started with the previous volumes born out from the same research-on the complex range making the "middle class".