Developing carborane-based functional polymeric architectures [thesis]

Yoan C. Simon
Ill 6.3 'H NMR spectrum of H-2 1 . * Solvent impurity 6.4 Alternative route to obtain deprotected carborane polymers 1 13 6.5 'H NMR spectrum of monomer 20 113 6.6 Synthesis of monomers incorporating carboranes along the backbone. Sonigashira conditions: (Ph3P)2PdCl2, Cul, EtiNH 6.7 'H NMR spectrum of intermediate 22 6.8 'H NMR spectrum of intermediate 22 A.l Schematic of the elimination of diseased tissues using BNCT 121 A. 2 Schematic of the principles of the EPR effect (image from Ref. [8])
more » ... 23 B. l Efficiency of blends of '^B and polyethylene and other materials for neutron shielding (image from Ref [10]) xvii
doi:10.7275/vw12-vs20 fatcat:agysds2zaveelbdrjzxx46fyge