Design and Development of Combined Direct and Indirect Evaporative Cooling System

Pallavi, Bedre, H Tiwari
2015 International Engineering Research Journal   unpublished
ARTICLE INFO Cooling is an essential part of air conditioning in hot climates. The issues of global warming, the natural resources depletion, and demand for environmentally-friendly systems have led to a growth in use of natural green resources instead of conventional systems. Two methods of evaporative cooling are normally used that is direct evaporative cooling & indirect evaporative cooling. Indirect evaporative cooling can be utilized to cool the air or other fluid with wet surface heat
more » ... angers. This paper theoretically&experimental analyses the performance of combined direct and indirect evaporative cooling in hot and dry climate of Pune, India. Indirect cooling stage consisting of plateFin type wet surface heat exchanger followed by direct cooling evaporative consisting of paper cellulose cooling pad is considered. Based on summer weather data of Pune, most frequently occurring condition of 35°C DBT and 50 % RH is selected for the analysis. Minimum temperature of direct evaporative cooling is 26.5°c achieved. 1KW of cooling capacity is achieved with COP of system 6.5. Experimentation of air temperature, relative humidity, cooling capacity, COP changes done at different air flow.