A language for automatically enforcing privacy policies

Jean Yang, Kuat Yessenov, Armando Solar-Lezama
2012 SIGPLAN notices  
It is becoming increasingly important for applications to protect sensitive data. With current techniques, the programmer bears the burden of ensuring that the application's behavior adheres to policies about where sensitive values may flow. Unfortunately, privacy policies are difficult to manage because their global nature requires coordinated reasoning and enforcement. To address this problem, we describe a programming model that makes the system responsible for ensuring adherence to privacy
more » ... olicies. The programming model has two components: 1) core programs describing functionality independent of privacy concerns and 2) declarative, decentralized policies controlling how sensitive values are disclosed. Each sensitive value encapsulates multiple views; policies describe which views are allowed based on the output context. The system is responsible for automatically ensuring that outputs are consistent with the policies. We have implemented this programming model in a new functional constraint language named Jeeves. In Jeeves, sensitive values are introduced as symbolic variables and policies correspond to constraints that are resolved at output channels. We have implemented Jeeves as a Scala library using an SMT solver as a model finder. In this paper we describe the dynamic and static semantics of Jeeves and the properties about policy enforcement that the semantics guarantees. We also describe our experience implementing a conference management system and a social network.
doi:10.1145/2103621.2103669 fatcat:5l7k5a6mija2peciz3iru53oc4