MACK/MACKLIB system for nuclear response functions [report]

M.A. Abdou, Y.M. Gohar
1978 unpublished
The MACK computer program calculates energy and multigroup nuclear response functions from basic nuclear data in ENDF/B format. The new version of the program MACK-IV, incorporates major developments and improvements aimed at maximizing the utilization of available nuclear data and ensuring energy conservation in nuclear heating calculations. A new library, MACKLIB-1V, of nuclear response functions was generated in the CTR energy group structure of 171 neutron groups and 36 gamma
more » ... ps. The library was prepared using MACK-IV and ENDF/B-IV and is suitable for fusion, fusion-fission hybrids, and fission applications.
doi:10.2172/7018062 fatcat:gl5tdcqqpvdpzfolxg2xfsn7ja