3D reconstruction from structured-light profilometry with dual-path hybrid network

Lei Wang, Dunqiang Lu, Ruowen Qiu, Jiaqing Tao
2022 EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing  
AbstractWith the rapid development of high-speed image sensors and optical imaging technology, these have effectively promoted the improvement of non-contact 3D shape measurement. Among them, striped structured-light technology has been widely used because of its high measurement accuracy. Compared with classical methods such as Fourier transform profilometry, many deep neural networks are utilized to restore 3D shape from single-shot structured light. In actual engineering deployments, the
more » ... er of learnable parameters of convolution neural network (CNN) is huge, especially for high-resolution structured-light patterns. To this end, we proposed a dual-path hybrid network based on UNet, which eliminates the deepest convolution layers to reduce the number of learnable parameters, and a swin transformer path is additionally built on the decoder to improve the global perception of this network. The experimental results show that the learnable parameters of the model are reduced by 60% compared with the UNet, and the measurement accuracy is not degraded at the same time. The proposed dual-path hybrid network provides an effective solution for structured-light 3D reconstruction and its practice in engineering.
doi:10.1186/s13634-022-00848-5 fatcat:56qiwz2xhbfqpirrsn5qlqfa4u