Tüm Arama Uzayını Tarayarak Küçük Ölçekli Kaynak Kısıtlı Proje Çizelgeleme Problemlerinin Çözümü

2021 Aksaray University Journal of Science and Engineering  
Resource constrained project scheduling problem is a prevalent problem for manufacturing and construction sectors. Resource allocation is redone from the beginning in the construction sector for each construction project; therefore project planners may not have adequate time to obtain optimum solution. Moreover, employment of civil engineers who are talented in the optimization task is less probable in small-scale construction firms. As a result of this, resource overrun problems are solved
more » ... out converging optimum solution. In this study, a complete enumeration based algorithm which can solve resource constrained project scheduling problems without implementing complex optimization methods is implemented. The algorithm is programmed on spreadsheet and small-scale problems are solved in order to represent the proposed algorithm can obtain the optimum solution. Search domain expands exponentially and solution time excessively prolongs when the number of activities in the project increases because the resource constrained project scheduling problem is NP-Hard. Therefore in this study small-scale problems are solved. However, elimination of infeasible solutions and parallel computing can be inserted as further study to decrease the computing time. Thence solution of larger scale problems would be possible. It is considered that the construction sector may implement the proposed algorithm since the executed six case studies are solved within one minute and the implementation of the proposed method does not require complex optimization algorithms.
doi:10.29002/asujse.878294 fatcat:lz5oufnuabd5fkjilvycdloqsu