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1922 Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry  
REVIEW. R ticnlly rcscnrcli on n mnnufacturiiig scalo. Tho yield is considorcd satisfactory if tho quantity of firstqunlity glass ready for finc-nnncnling is about 20 per cent. of tho original mclt; moro often tlinii not this yield is not obtnined. TIIE UFI EJIICAL SOCIETY. A t thc ordinnry scientific meeting licld on Jnnunry If), Sir Jniiics WdIier nniiounccd tho iinnics of tlioso wlio would rctiro froin tlio Council after tho nnnu;1l niccting, to bo licld on Bhrcli 30, as follows :
more » ... idcnts : Sir J. ,J. Dobliie, Sir I\'. J. Popc, Prof. J. 13: COIICII, nrid lh. 11. J. 11. Fenton. 0rdin:iry nicuil)crs of Council : Dr. 13. F. Armstrong, Prof. 17. E. Frnncis, JIr. J. A. Gnrdiior, l'riiicipal J. C. Irrinc, Dr. C. A. Kc:inc, nnd Sir It. Ilobcrtsoll. Prof. Arthur Sniitliclls tlicii gave 311 address on ' I BIotlels of tho TAcwis-Lnngniuir ~\toni, with Esplnnntioiis." Tlio nnnoiiiic~inciit of this address cniisctl nii ininionso iiuiiibcr of l~cllows t o conlo to tho niccting, but, unfortunntcly, owing t o tho liniitcd nccoi~~niodntio~i, n largo proportion of thcm could not gain ndmittnncc. At tlio conclusion of tho address, wliicli wns not siiitnblc for nbstrncting, tho Iccturcr put forwnrd n possiblc csplnn:ition of tho osidntion of carbon nioiioxiilo by osygcn. Water is rcquircd t o cntnlyso tho rc:iction, as h k c r s l i~~r c d , Iiut must be introduced froin outside, ns that produced within tho syfitcni is iiinctivc ns n c;itnlyst; wntcr so introduccd pcrlinps nssumes nn c~inntioniorphic form in contrnst with wntcr fornml syiitlicticnlly. Owing to tho iniportniicc of the subject i t is Iioped, and nnticipntcd, that Prof. Sniitliclls will w i t c a n account for publicntion.
doi:10.1002/jctb.5000410209 fatcat:cq34vwjmdzg2phgax4yrow6m5i