Conversion of Western U.S. Coals for Sequestration-Ready Power Systems [report]

2005 unpublished
This project proposes to develop and test schemes for the direct utilization of western U.S. coals in advanced power systems. One of the major issues facing such utilization of coal is the arrival of vapor-phase ash constituents that can cause fouling and hot corrosion of gas path components. The utilization schemes being developed and tested rely on the fact that western U.S. coals can be "partially" gasified at relatively low temperatures, and that the concomitant char produced is reactive.
more » ... uced is reactive. These characteristics afford western U.S. coals a significant advantage over bituminous coals and solid waste fuels such as petroleum coke. As part of this project, over the past four years, WRI has constructed and tested a fuelflexible gasifier. The four-inch diameter, fluidized-bed gasifier was designed to be operated as an air-blown, enriched air-blown, oxygen-blown, or as a steam pyrolysis unit. During the past year, the fluidized-bed gasification unit was modified for oxygen-blown operation. Specifically, steam and oxygen delivery systems were installed to allow steam/O 2 mixtures to be used in place of air, and gasification tests were performed with steam/O 2 as the fluidizing medium. The primary goal was to characterize the synthesis gas and char products for oxygen-blown conditions.
doi:10.2172/909845 fatcat:bserllft5zayji5rcmq3fnw5hm