Domain decomposition methods for circuit simulation

U. Kleis, O. Wallat, U. Wever, Q. Zheng
1994 Proceedings of the eighth workshop on Parallel and distributed simulation - PADS '94  
In this paper we discuss the application of domain decomposition methods to circuit simulation. This coarse grain parallelization guarantees a minimum of communication and thus achieves good speedup results on a workstation cluster. our results show that with a cluster of ten powerful RISC workstations comparable turn around times to a supercomputer can be achieved. Furthermore a workstation cluster offers the possibility to si]nulate electric circuits with a size of new magnitude. On a cluster
more » ... of 27 workstations we succeeded in simulating a circuit with 135000 transistors, while we failed to simulate the same circuit on our supercomputer because of a lack of memory.
doi:10.1145/182478.182588 fatcat:uctol66u5vf6pap6mar4tz67e4