The Jews of Gibraltar before the Treaty of Utrecht and the Developement of the Jewish Community since

Tito Benady
2017 Cuadernos de Gibraltar  
The British occupation of Gibraltar in 1704 brought in Jewish merchants from Tetuan to supply the fresh food required by the garrison. Although expelled under the terms of the Treaty of Utrecht, bad relations with Spain led to them being readmitted to bring in much-needed supplies from Morocco. They formed a large minority in the new civilian population established in Gibraltar in the 18 th century and were very influential in the development of Gibraltarian society. Today the Jewish community
more » ... f Gibraltar has chosen not to participate fully in Gibraltarian society in order to protect the purity of its religious practises.
doi:10.25267/cuad_gibraltar.2017.i2.04 fatcat:tf3ntyj4lrbcbj3w65gdg22ica