Peri-Adolescent Ethanol Vapor Exposure Produces Reductions in Hippocampal Volume that are Correlated with Deficits in Prepulse Inhibition of the Startle

Ipek Oguz, Francois Budin, Fulton T. Crews, Cindy L. Ehlers, Derek N. Wills
Epidemiological studies suggest that excessive alcohol consumption is prevalent among adolescents and may have lasting neurobehavioral consequences. The use of animal models allows for the separation of the effects of adolescent ethanol exposure from genetic background and other environmental insults. In the present study the effects of moderate ethanol vapor exposure, during adolescence, on structural diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) and behavioral measures were evaluated in adulthood.
doi:10.17615/k81e-6y98 fatcat:gx72pz3wzzg7fmms4xwsgbdrla