Changes in Metal Leachability through Stimulation of Iron Reducing Communities within Waste Sludge

Mark Roberts, Devin Sapsford, Andrew Weightman, Gordon Webster
2017 Solid State Phenomena  
Bioreduction of ferric iron-rich wastes is a rapidly emerging technology for the extraction/ recovery of metals from low-grade ores and metallurgical wastes. However, despite studies being successful, they have only been demonstrated at laboratory scale and issues relating to economic, industrial scale application have yet to be studied. Using bioreduction as a pre-treatment to increase recovery yield is a relatively new concept. This study examines the biostimulation of microbial communities
more » ... induce bioreduction of metalliferous sludge and the effect that this has on the leachability of metals from the waste using dilute sulphuric acid. Data shows an increase in both zinc and copper leachability after bioreduction, with maximum six fold and eleven fold increase (compared to pre-treatment) in the amount of zinc and copper leached respectively.
doi:10.4028/ fatcat:aolxzvqr3ffbnmboqq52v7nwp4