Vorticity-based modeling of gravity currents penetrating into ambients with arbitrary shear and density stratification

Mohamad Nasr-Azadani, Eckart Meiburg
We develop a vorticity-based approach for modeling quasi-steady, supercritical gravity currents propagating into a finite-height channel with arbitrary density and velocity strati-fication. The model enforces the conservation of mass, horizontal and vertical momentum. In contrast to previous approaches it does not rely on empirical, energy-based closure assumptions. Instead, the effective energy loss of the flow can be calculated a posteriori. The present model results in the formulation of a
more » ... formulation of a second order, nonlinear ODE that can be solved in a straightforward fashion to determine the gravity current velocity, along with the downstream ambient velocity and density profiles. Comparisons between model predictions and DNS simulations show excellent agreement.