A Unified Authentication Scheme Based on Analytic Mechanism

Yong Xu, Yejuan Cheng, Chang Xiao
2015 International Journal of Security and Its Applications  
To resolve security issues and management issues of different Certificate Authorities (CAs), this paper proposed a unified authentication scheme, which will make different Certificate Authorities (CAs) be uniformly authenticated. In addition, it showed the whole structure of the scheme, added an extensional registration number to certificates and designed unified authentication process for the scheme. The unified authentication process was modelled and simulated by Coloured Petri Net (CPN)
more » ... and verified by analyzing the state space of CPN model. In conclusion, this paper provides a unified authentication service and confirms that the proposed scheme is totally controllable, realizable and feasible. The suggested scheme can enhance the efficiency and security of authentication systems and achieve good results in practical applications. The rest of this paper is organized as follows. In the next section, we give a brief overview about the scheme. Then, we describe the unified authentication scheme in Section 3 and model its process by CPN tools in Section 4. In Section 5, we verify the process by analyzing the state space of CPN model. Finally, we conclude our paper with future research directions in Section 6. Verification of the unified certification authentication process. By analyzing the state space of CPN model, we know that the process has no live lock or dead code and that all three dead markings are desirable terminal states. There is not unexpected marking in this model. So the unified authentication flow of five entities is totally controllable, realizable and feasible. In the future, we shall revise some assumptions and relax some restrictions. For example we will take unreliable transport medium into account because the real communication medium or Internet is not reliable for payment system.
doi:10.14257/ijsia.2015.9.1.26 fatcat:2vvmvdjnljfy5eos3ay2khwu5a