The contributing factors towards e-logistic customer satisfaction: a mediating role of information technology

Muhammad Imran, Siti Norasyikin binti Abdul Hamid, Azelin Binti Aziz, Waseem-Ul Hameed
2019 Uncertain Supply Chain Management  
In this era of industrialization, there is an increase rate of e-logistic services, which has raised the necessity to pay more attention on e-logistic customer satisfaction. E-logistic services spread so rapidly worldwide which overlook the significant segment of customer satisfaction. Therefore, the prime objective of the current research study is to develop a comprehensive framework for e-logistics customer satisfaction. Various studies highlighted the area of elogistic customer satisfaction,
more » ... however, in a rare case, literature formally documented the problem of e-logistic customer satisfaction. Hence, less attention has been paid to the aspect of customer satisfaction in e-logistic. To address this gap, four hypotheses are proposed concerning the relationship of low distribution charges (LDC), low transit time (LTT), effective payment method (EPM), information technology (IT) and e-logistic customer satisfaction. An e-mail survey was preferred, and questionnaires were distributed by using simple random sampling technique. The three hundred (300) questionnaires were distributed among the elogistic users. The results of the current study found that low distribution charges, low transit time, effective payment method and information technology had a positive significant relationship with e-logistic customer satisfaction. Furthermore, information technology found main contributory element between effective payment method and e-logistic customer satisfaction. This study is contributing to the body of knowledge by developing a comprehensive framework to solve various e-logistic problems. Hence, the current study is helpful for e-logistic companies to mitigate e-logistic customer satisfaction problems. ensee Growing Science, Canada by the authors; lic 9 © 201
doi:10.5267/j.uscm.2018.5.002 fatcat:zv5hik66czfhjnswcmv3oex36i