Unified size-density and size-topology relations in random packings of dry adhesive polydisperse spheres

Wenwei Liu, Sheng Chen, Chuan-Yu Wu, Shuiqing Li
2019 Physical review. E  
We study the size-topology relations in random packings of dry adhesive polydisperse microspheres with Gaussian and lognormal size distributions through a geometric tessellation. We find that the dependence of the neighbour number on the centric particle size is always quasilinear, independent of the size distribution, the size span or interparticle adhesion. The average local packing fraction as a function of normalized particle size for different size variances is well regressed on the same
more » ... essed on the same profile, which grows to larger values as the relative strength of adhesion decreases. As for the local coordination number-particle size profiles, they converge onto a single curve for all the adhesive particles, but will gradually transfer to another branch for non-adhesive particles. Such adhesion induced size-topology relations are interpreted theoretically by a modified geometrical "granocentric" model, where the model parameters are dependent on a dimensionless adhesion number. Our findings, together with the modified theory, provide a more unified perspective on the substantial geometry of amorphous polydisperse systems, especially those with fairly loose structures.
doi:10.1103/physreve.99.022901 fatcat:sekzfm5mrzcaxmac4pwfcqzbju