Genetic type and growth influence on the production characteristics of light line hen hybrids

V. Rajicic, S. Mitrovic, S. Bogosavljevic-Boskovic, J. Milivojevic, M. Staletic, V. Djermanovic, N. Tolimir
2007 Biotechnology in Animal Husbandry  
Apstract: The aim of this work was parallel investigation of the producting characteristics of light line hen hybrids. Investigation enclosed two hen proveniences: Hisex Brown and Shawer 579. Within the period of 19 up to 63 weeks we followed next parameters: egg-laying hen body mass, mortality, food consumption and egg-laying capacity. Hens body mass on the begining of the examination, within the 19 weeks of growth was, for Hisex Brown provenience 1607g, and for Shawer 579 provenience 1563g.
more » ... sex Brown provenience acchieved about 250 g higher body mass on the end of investigation. During the experiment, mortality at Hisex Brown egg-laying hen was a little bit smaller (5,40%), while the Shawer 579 had 5,56% of dead hens. Globaly, the mortality at both hen hybrids was in the range of technologycal normative. The average consumption of the food at Hisex Brown provenience was higher and it was 127,28g, and at Shawer 579 provenience 125,14g. The average consumption of the nutrition for egg production at both provenience was the same (150g).
doi:10.2298/bah0702357r fatcat:ogxcjscbbjg4rnsphwf6ugycv4