Tome XIII [2015]-Fascicule 4 [November] ISSN: 1584-2673 [CD-Rom; online] a free-access multidisciplinary publication of the Faculty of Engineering Hunedoara 1. DESIGN OPTIMIZATION OF 3-PHASE DRY TYPE POWER TRANSFORMER BY POWELL'S METHOD USING CONJUGATE DIRECTIONAL SEARCH

Raju Basak, Arabinda Das, Ajay Sensarma, Amarnath Sanyal
Powell's method gives a computationally efficient algorithm for searching and finding out the optimal solution. It is a direct search method which can be applied to single variable or multiple variable problems. If the no of variables is more than one, Powell's conjugate direction method is made use of. In this paper, the method has been applied to find out the optimal design of a 3-phase 3-limbed dry type transformer. The cost of production has been taken as the objective function. The key
more » ... nction. The key design variables have been identified and arrayed in descending order of their vulnerability. The cost function has been computed by a special subroutine-no attempt has been taken to frame an objective function in terms of the design variables to avoid complexity. Single variable searches have been made in the conjugate directions defined by the key variables retaining the previously obtained best values. As the cost function is quadratic by nature, the optimal solution has been obtained in one pass. A case-study on application of Powell's method to transformer design has been made and the results obtained have been given at the end.