Cherenkov interaction and post-acceleration experiments of high brightness electron beams from a pseudospark discharge [chapter]

H. Yin, A.W. Cross, A.D.R. Phelps, W. He, K. Ronald
2004 Free Electron Lasers 2003  
A pseudospark-sourced electron beam has two phases, an initial hollow cathode phase (HCP) beam followed by a conductive phase (CP) beam. The beam brightness was measured by a field-free collimator to be 10 9 and 10 11 Am À2 rad À2 for HCP beam and CP beam, respectively. The initial HCP beam from an eight-gap pseudospark discharge was applied in a Cherenkov interaction between the electron beam and the TM 01 mode of a 60-cm long alumina-lined waveguide. While the CP beam from a three-gap
more » ... ark discharge chamber was propagated and post-accelerated from about 200 V to more than 40 kV.
doi:10.1016/b978-0-444-51727-2.50085-7 fatcat:mrs6er3habhdzckoboc3znilpq