Professional orientation of students in the Center of additional education

Olga A. Baranova, MBU DO "Center for children and youth technical creativity", Natalia N. Zhukova, MBU DO "Center for children and youth technical creativity", Rybinsk
2021 Social and Political Researches  
In modern socio-cultural conditions, the problem of vocational guidance is very relevant. This is especially true for institutions of additional education. The concept for the development of additional education for children considers the development of the sphere of non-formal and additional education as the basis for professional selfdetermination, orientation and motivation of adolescents and youth to participate in innovative activities in the field of high technologies and industrial
more » ... tion. The transition from a post-industrial economy to a digital one, the accelerating transformation of labor markets and employment structures determine the demand for new content of additional education. It should be aimed at developing demanded modern competencies, building a new system of professional and personal selfdetermination of students. The article touches upon such issues as the interpretation of the concept of "vocational guidance", the history of the formation of vocational guidance work, outlined modern approaches to the organization of vocational guidance in the institution of additional education. The educational resources of the Center for technical creativity of the city of Rybinsk, Yaroslavl region, are described, the purpose of the creation and implementation of which is the formation of softskills ("soft skills") and self-determination of students. The article also discusses such an area of activity as professional networking. The issues of work with social partners of an educational organization, implementation of a practice-oriented approach in education were touched upon. This article analyzes the results of a questionnaire survey of students of the Center for technical creativity in the city of Rybinsk, Yaroslavl region and their parents, concerning the motivation of children to engage in additional education. 450 respondents took part in the survey. Conclusions are made about the relevance and necessity of career guidance activities in the institution of additional education.
doi:10.20323/2658-428x-2021-2-11-120-132 fatcat:uu3rub6zafeyhcvrffjy7kfaye