Prompt-photon plus jet photoproduction with ZEUS at DESY HERA in the parton Reggeization approach

B.A. Kniehl, M.A. Nefedov, V.A. Saleev
2016 Nuclear and Particle Physics Proceedings  
We study the photoproduction of isolated prompt photons associated with hadron jets in the framework of the parton Reggeization approach. The main improvements with respect to previous studies in the k_T-factorization framework include the application of the Reggeized-quark formalism, the generation of exactly gauge-invariant amplitudes with off-shell initial-state quarks, and the exact treatment of the gamma+R -> gamma+g box contribution with off-shell initial-state gluons. In this
more » ... the new data set, published recently by ZEUS collaboration is analyzed, were the distributions in photon and jet rapidity, transverse energy, azimuthal angle between photon and jet and proton momentum fraction are presented for different values of measured photon momentum fraction x_gamma <0.7, 0.8 and x_gamma>0.8. The good agreement of measured distributions with our predictions is observed for the direct-dominating part of the data set. The comparison with the previous calculations in k_T-factorization, role of nonfactorizable higher-order and hadronization corrections is discussed.
doi:10.1016/j.nuclphysbps.2015.09.313 fatcat:chkatkuyg5hrtb2kopp4j5nzau