Trip to Copper River valley and Nutzotin Mountains [report]

M. W. Jasper
1953 unpublished
JUH",::~, 4 2 . % .4--, , * M: Fh51 R. Holdstrorth. Commissioner of Mines T 4 ; W. 'Jasper. Associa,te Ks.nZn~: Engineer SURJECT: s i p t o Copper Uver valley to check on mining aativity i n the region, and locate and tenkt5vely arrange for horses f o r the pro~osed reconnaissance'study of the Nutzotin MomWns later i n the season, the l a t t e r inves tigs,ticn having objective of-dete-ng whether structural and mineralization cond5tioirs-:hold possib f l i t f e s for occurrences of important
more » ... ickel-oopper deposits similar t o those now under intensive e~p~o ration and developent on the Yukon Territory side of the
doi:10.14509/551 fatcat:ug3ijae2xrf5nbgvzwtupjaecy