The Kinetic Sunyaev‐Zel'dovich Effect from Reionization

Matthew McQuinn, Steven R. Furlanetto, Lars Hernquist, Oliver Zahn, Matias Zaldarriaga
2005 Astrophysical Journal  
During the epoch of reionization, local variations in the ionized fraction (patchiness) imprint arcminute-scale temperature anisotropies in the CMB through the kinetic Sunyaev-Zel'dovich (kSZ) effect. We employ an improved version of an analytic model of reionization devised in Furlanetto et al.(2004) to calculate the kSZ anisotropy from patchy reionization. This model uses extended Press-Schechter theory to determine the distribution and evolution of HII bubbles and produces qualitatively
more » ... qualitatively similar reionization histories to those seen in recent numerical simulations. We find that the angular power spectrum of the kSZ anisotropies depends strongly on the size distribution of the HII bubbles and on the duration of reionization. In addition, we show that upcoming measurements of the kSZ effect should be able to distinguish between several popular reionization scenarios. In particular, the amplitude of the patchy power spectrum for reionization scenarios in which the IGM is significantly ionized by Population III stars (or by mini-quasars/decaying particles) can be larger (or smaller) by over a factor of 3 than the amplitude in more traditional reionization histories (with temperature anisotropies that range between 0.5 and 3 micro-Kelvin at l = 5000). We highlight the differences in the kSZ signal between many possible reionization morphologies and discuss the constraints that future observations of the kSZ will place on this epoch.
doi:10.1086/432049 fatcat:7lubq62lzzge7dnbybtyzosq3q