Statement of the medical effects of the liquor hydriodatis arsenici et hydrargyri

M. Donovan
1840 Dublin Journal of Medical Science  
Mr. Donovan on the ldquor Hydriodatis Arsehici, 8;c. 97 hydrophthalmia, but a much greater number of large spherical staphyloma ; and have invariably observed, first, that the eye was remarkably uncovered, and presented a staring appearance; secondly, that the upper eyelid was merely pushed upwards, and retained in that position, but unchanged in all other respects. That such was the state of these parts, in my recently published case of General Hydrophthal'mia, will be shown by the following
more » ... by the following passage in the account of it, viz. " The eyelids are neither (edematous nor inflamed, [I ought to haveadded, nor paralytic,] and leave the eye perfectly uncovered." Having now before us a full view, first, of the imperfections of all our present means of diagnosis in such cases; secondly, of the striking contrast which some of the symptoms and physical signs of the two diseases present, it is obvious that the following are the only certain means of distinguishing real from apparent enlargement of the eyeball, viz.--In hydrophthalmia, the eye is completely uncovered; in exophthalmia it is more covered than usual. In the former, the upper eyelid is pushed upwards, but unchanged in all other respects ; in the latter, it hangs lower than usual, is more or less paralytic and puffed, and its surface is of a dusky red eolour, and traversed by several enlarged veins. ART. V.--Statement of the Medical Effects of the Liquor Hydriodatis ,4rsenici et Hydrargyri. By M. DO,O-VAN, ESQ. Some months since, I inserted in this Journal a communication relative to the nature and composition of a new chemical compound, consisting of iodine, arsenic, and mercury; and I offered some suggestions on the diseases in the cure of which it might be found useful. These were psoriasis, lepta, and lupus. Abundant trials, made by some of the most eminent members of the medical and surgical professions in this country, have proved, that these anticipations were not unfounded. The pracvor.. XVlIL NO. 52. o
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