CIM Framework architecture and application models [chapter]

J. S. Hawker
1999 Information Infrastructure Systems for Manufacturing II  
The SEMA TECH CIM (computer integrated manufacturing) Framework defmes an industry standard framework for semiconductor manufacturing information and execution systems (MIES). The CIM Framework architecture defmes an objectoriented software component architecture building on CORBA and CORBA services specifications from the Object Management Group. Using this architecture, the CIM Framework Specification defmes an application mode that specifies the interfaces and behavior of functional software
more » ... components for MIES. There are component defmitions for machine control, material movement, material management, process specification management, advanced process control, factory operations, dispatching, and labor management. Standard interface and behavior specifications for these MIES functions enable manufacturers to assemble and evolve manufacturing systems using components from different suppliers, inhouse development or legacy systems. In early 1998, SEMI Standards, the semiconductor industry standards organization, will ballot the CIM Framework for adoption as provisional standards. This paper provides an overview of the CIM Framework architecture and illustrates the form and content of the application models in the CIM Framework.
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