Simian virus 40 large T-antigen function is required for induction of tetraploid DNA content during lytic infection

T D Friedrich, J Laffin, J M Lehman
1992 Journal of Virology  
Infection of quiescent CV-1 cells with simian virus 40 mutant tsA30 at 37°C resulted in the induction of two rounds of cellular DNA synthesis in T-antigen-positive cells, as previously described for wild-type simian virus 40. Following infection with tsA30 at 40.5°C, T-antigen-positive cells were induced into S phase and reached a diploid G2 DNA content; however, a second S phase was not initiated. The failure of tsA30-infected CV-1 cells to enter tetraploid S phase at 40.5°C identifies a
more » ... gen function, distinct from T-antigen functions responsible for stimulation of cell DNA synthesis, which is required for initiation of a second round of DNA synthesis without mitosis.
doi:10.1128/jvi.66.7.4576-4579.1992 fatcat:fxtxvejuz5hzhcv3ngh3kkxyou