The Role of Elementary Dimensions in the Creation of the Source of Elementary Particles [post]

Shivan Sirdy
2020 unpublished
It is agreed that before the creation of particles, space was absolutely devoid of matter and radiation. In this study, we assume that the absolute void comprises four dimensions; three spatial dimensions and a force equivalent representing the factor of change among the elementary dimensions. Our hypothesis is based on the expansion of the spatial dimensions, and the subsequent space instability. We demonstrated that when the outward force equivalent strength exceeds a critical limit, it
more » ... cal limit, it collapses inward to restore equilibrium in the system. Then, the void inside the collapsed force equivalent acts as a void in a confined system, the energy of the system remains conserved at all stages. With the decrease of the spatial dimensions due to the collapse the energy density increases, at the final stage, the energy in the confined system is concentrated forming a solid-state of energy. In which, this solid-state of energy is a particle. Becoming the source of the elementary particles. The created high-energy sources are controlled by the internal and external forces of the source and all entities in its external force field until equilibrium is reached. The quark-gluon plasma, inflation, gravitational collapse, and gravitational lensing provide evidence supporting the elementary dimensions theory presented in this paper.
doi:10.20944/preprints202004.0145.v2 fatcat:ajftfc6x4jf7vie6kc73mwb7ze