Smart Loads for Voltage Control in Distribution Networks

Zohaib Akhtar, Balarko Chaudhuri, Shu Yuen Ron Hui
2015 IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid  
This paper shows that the smart loads (SLs) could be effective in mitigating voltage problems caused by photovoltaic (PV) generation and electric vehicle (EV) charging in low-voltage (LV) distribution networks. Limitations of the previously reported SL configuration with only series reactive compensator (SLQ) (one converter) is highlighted in this paper. To overcome these limitations, an additional shunt converter is used in back-to-back (B2B) configuration to support the active power exchanged
more » ... ive power exchanged by the series converter, which increases the flexibility of the SL without requiring any energy storage. Simulation results on a typical U.K. LV distribution network are presented to compare the effectiveness of an SL with B2B converters (SLBCs) against an SLQ in tackling under-and over-voltage problems caused by EV or PV. It is shown that SLBCs can regulate the main voltage more effectively than SLQs especially under overvoltage condition. Although two converters are required for each SLBC, it is shown that the apparent power capacity of each converter is required to be significantly less than that of an equivalent SLQ.
doi:10.1109/tsg.2015.2486139 fatcat:mlg6klepwbehti7m2kq4yj7gta